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The Ellyatt Family

We are very grateful to the Ellyatt family for providing us with their trip diary and photographs from their safaris. They went first to a project in East Africa and then on a Safari Drive trip in Malawi and Zambia. This is the Safari Drive section of their diary.

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Expedition A to Z
(Abbotskerswell to Zambia via Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi)
A Safari Across Africa and much much more!!

The Ellyatt family 2010
Steve Ellyatt, 48 years old
Sally Ellyatt, 50 years old
Charlotte Parson, 23 years old
Edward Parson, 18 years old
Chris Ellyatt, 18 years old
Abbie Ellyatt, 18 years old


Arrived at Lilongwe to be met by Ulendo staff.

We were then transported to Burley House, which is a hotel situated in a very nice residential area of Lilongwe, a sprawling area of large residences, embassies, expat business HQs in guarded properties. Just a few other guests staying and our rooms were really lovely. Lunch taken on the patio.

During the afternoon, a Toyota 4 x 4 was handed over to us for our use. We then set off to explore the area, finding an ATM eventually - max withdrawal was 20,000MKw (at 250 MKw to the £). Returned to the hotel to chill, play pool and scrabble before supper of beef, mash and veg. Chris not feeling so good so he went to bed. After supper, a quick nightcap was taken before retiring to bed at about 10pm.

Saturday Sept 11th. Up at 5.45am, breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage etc. Managed to squeeze all our luggage in the boot with Charlotte next to it and left Burley House at 7.20am. Missed the right turning needed for our journey towards Lake Malawi but doubled back and found the correct road. Not much traffic.

The countryside is quite hilly. Mainly scrubland and trees. Goats and cyclists were the main hazards to watch out for! Stopped for a stretch of legs about halfway and arrived at Norman Carr Cottages on Lake Malawi at about 11.30am to be greeted by Taffy and his partner Jenny. We were their only guests and were immediately made to feel very welcome. A home from home - and what a beautiful location! This has to be on your "must visit" list!

What a wonderful place - we all fell in love with it immediately! The weather was quite breezy which we were told was quite unusual - certainly too much for sailing - and although we had been told that there were some sailing dinghies and Hobies around somewhere we never saw them! We spent the first day relaxing on the sandy beach, looking out onto Lake Malawi, glistening in the sunshine, "Bonnie Alfie" the 40 foot steel cruiser nestling her bow on the beach, with a set of steps purpose-built to board her. The sandy beach was amazing - millions of tiny small shells along the shoreline - venturing into the water, Steve found that the first few yards were like silty mud - he sank to at least ankle-deep if not more which initially gave a strange gooey sensation but further out it was still shallow and the sand was firmer. It was pleasantly cool in the water and we played for quite a while - we later found out that crocodiles and hippo also use the lake - never saw them though!

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Vehicles and Equipment

New Safari Drive Land Rovers Arrive Land Rover

Safari Drive Land Rovers are equipped the highest standards using the latest roof tents, fridges, cooking and camping equipment for up 4 people.

We use both locally registered Land Rovers and UK registered vehicles for longer international journeys.

Sourcing and equipping a new Land Rover and then getting it in place in Africa is a huge more >>


Safari Styles

Safari Styles

Many people are put off doing a self drive safari because they are worried that it would entail sleeping bags, no showers and tinned food for every meal...

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