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We are very grateful to Hamish and Vicky for providing us with the most fantastic trip diaries and photo galleries from their safaris.

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Hamish & Vicky Howe Namibia October 2010

As to be expected with long overnights it is difficult to sleep all that well, and in fact it proves to be quite a bumpy ride for much of the journey from Heathrow - the fasten seatbelt signs were on much of the time.  Arrival at Johannesburg is a few minutes early, and we step off the plane feeling as if we are still at sea due to the motion.  Bracing ourselves for a lengthy wait to get through transit and security we are very pleasantly surprised to find that it is all new since our last time 5 years before and we are through with virtually no delay - the impact of the improvements made for this year's World Cup is astonishing.

There are almost 3 hours to wait before our final leg - but it's much warmer here than back home and always plenty of exotica to see in the airport shops.  If these pots weren't so expensive (and so large) one or two might be going home with us on our return.  Whilst waiting at the departure gate we get talking to a lady who is a teacher in Windhoek - she and 3 colleagues are returning home after their half term break.  On learning that our younger son is currently training to be a Maths teacher she tells us that there would always be a job for him in Namibia - it appears that Maths teachers are in demand everywhere.  Unfortunately Fergus hates really hot weather, so the idea of having a permanent family representative in the country is sadly unlikely

Our final connection is off a little late but arrives 15 minutes early and after a smooth passage through immigration, our bags have made it too, and John from Safari Drive is there to meet us.  On arrival at Safari Drive HQ in Windhoek we are met by Duane and our very comprehensive briefing commences - route, vouchers etc from Duane, then vehicle, equipment and inventory from John.  This all takes about an hour and a half, but we are then able to get on the road and head for our bed & breakfast stop, The Elegant.  Very nice set up, but one is immediately struck by the massive increase in security since our last visit - everything seems to be gated

Since the Elegant doesn't do evening meals, obviously we have to go out to eat - the advice is not to take our own vehicle, and certainly not to walk after dark, so Matilda kindly arranges a table at the nearest eatery, Joe's Beer House, and for a taxi to take us there.  The guidebook indicates that Joe's is definitely for meat eaters, and certainly vegetarians would not be comfortable here at all!  Unfortunately our long sleepless journey hasn't helped our appetite much, so our preference is for the smallest steak in the house - very tasty, but still masive

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Vehicles and Equipment

New Safari Drive Land Rovers Arrive Land Rover

Safari Drive Land Rovers are equipped the highest standards using the latest roof tents, fridges, cooking and camping equipment for up 4 people.

We use both locally registered Land Rovers and UK registered vehicles for longer international journeys.

Sourcing and equipping a new Land Rover and then getting it in place in Africa is a huge more >>


Safari Styles

Safari Styles

Many people are put off doing a self drive safari because they are worried that it would entail sleeping bags, no showers and tinned food for every meal...

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