Home to ‘The Great Migration’, one of the most spectacular events of the animal kingdom. Literally millions of animals make the annual migration from Tanzania to Kenya in search of water and grazing. Wildebeest, zebra and gazelle travel in hoards to reach richer pastures and their instinct to do this is so strong that they will risk their lives during their perilous journey crossing the raging torrents of crocodile-infested waters. Cheetah, hunting dog, lion and hyena wait patiently, ready to pick off the weak and the weary. At Safari Drive, we can recommend certain routes at various times of year so that your journey can come into close proximity of this extraordinary movement of game.

our base in Tanzania

Our Tanzania operations are managed by the highly experienced Nick Harrison and his wife Nat. Nick and Nat, who previously lived in the UK, have always had a love for Africa and moved to Arusha to build their dream home/ lodge in 2013. They now live here with their two boys and four dogs! The property very much reflects themselves. You can really see and feel the family touches, which sets it apart from any established lodge; their love for Africa, their English background and passion for horses (especially polo!). This combined with the house’s striking features, stunning views and array of activities makes it a very authentic, charming and luxury place to enjoy the beginning or end of your safari.

Tanzania video

In January 2015 Ollie Blackwell (from Safari Drive) and his brother Rufus (Travel Photographer of the year winner) set of to Tanzania for two weeks to make a new film for Safari Drive. We hope you like the result. Note this was filmed in low season yet the game viewing is superb!


Here is a list of just some of our favourite places to visit in Tanzania. They are all places that we would recommend for a self drive safari. This is not a comprehensive list and if there are other places you are keen to visit and would like further information please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.







ROAD CONDITIONS Expect bad corrugations. Mud in wet seasons. Otherwise fine. 

CAMPSITES Remote, unfenced, no facilities. The wildest of all.

LODGES & HOTELS Great variety. Small bish camps through to 5* luxury.

ROUTE FINDING Generally fine. Can be tricky in the lesser visited areas.


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