As well as our self-drive holidays we can also organise multi week (or multi month) trans Africa overland journeys. With bases dotted throughout Southern and Eastern Africa and vehicles that can pretty much go anywhere we are always excited to discuss possibilities.

In the past we have planned everything from 4 month sabbaticals, friends overland trips, 6 week family expeditions and even back up vehicles for a trans Africa bicycle journey. If you have an idea for a journey and need a vehicle it is likely we can help.

Expedition Planning Service

Buying and preparing a vehicle for a prolonged overland journey is a difficult thing to do. Not only do you need to choose a vehicle that is appropriate for your route but it also needs to be reliable. After buying a vehicle it may need equipping, roof tents, storage, water tanks, spare tyre mounts. After equipping the vehicle it needs to be insured and shipped (most likely with a carnet de passage). All of this takes a huge amount of time and money.

Safari Drive vehicles are already in situ and include all of the above. This is why many people come to us for a vehicle rather than sourcing, equipping and shipping their own.

Why go on Safari?


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