Over the years we have researched and refined the list of vehicle equipment that we provide. The equipment is identical in every vehicle but we always ensure you have the essentials for each country and its respective driving conditions.

All Safari Drive guests are briefed at our bases where we will run through the equipment with you. This gives you a chance to choose more or less equipment at no additional cost. All trips include satellite telephones at no extra charge with free calls to Safari Drive (or our bases).

We always ensure you have all the essential kit (and some nice extras) for your trip, so camping, eating out (and drinking) are a joy. We also provide you with a small starter kit of a few basic essentials (salt, pepper etc) to which you can then add your own supplies along the way, particularly fresh fruit, vegetables and meat.

  • vehicle equipment

    Satellite phone
    long range fuel tanks
    wheel brace
    vehicle documents
    vehicle handbook
    Garmin Satnav with Tracks4Africa for journeys in southern & eastern Africa
    two batteries /split charge system
    fire extinguisher
    Engel fridge
    water Tanks
    roller draws
    spade & axe
    tyre pressure gauge
    tow rope or strap
    tyre pump
    pair of warning triangles
    bottle jack
    vehicle awning
    fitted camping light

  • camping kit

    Tents & bedding
    Double roof tent & mattress *
    Sheets, duvets & duvet covers

    Ground tent & beds
    Pillows & pillowcases

    Under blankets
    Towels & extra blankets

    Cutlery & crockery
    Soup bowls
    Dinner plates & side plates

    Coffee mugs

    Table knives & forks
    Dessert spoons & teaspoons

    Kitchen equipment
    Table cloth & tea towels

    Chopping board
    Fish slice

    Serving spoons & long fork
    Wooden spoons

    Kitchen knives
    Wine glasses

    Thermos Flask

    Potato peeler
    Garlic crusher

    Tin opener & bottle opener
    Kitchen scissors

    Tuppaware (various sizes)
    Egg box

    Bread knife & chopping board

    Saucepans & frying pan

    Washing up bowls
    Washing up liquid

    Loo rolls & kitchen roll
    Mosquito coil / spray

    Kitchen foil
    Fire lighters & matches

    Dishcloths & pan scrubbers
    Fire wood

    General equipment
    Fridge & (or) cool boxes
    Gas bottle

    Table & chairs
    Braai grill

    Bungie cords

    Rechargeable light
    Fuel cans

    Fire gloves
    Washing up cloths

    Candles & holders
    Clothes line & pegs

    First aid kit
    Satellite phone

  • basic food supply

    The basic starter pack is to help you on your way. Contents may vary from region to region but the following is a good indication of the kinds of things we supply.

    A pack of sweet biscuits
    A pack of savoury biscuits
    Travel sweets
    A bottle of wine
    6 litres of water
    Salt Grinder
    Pepper Grinder
    Kilner Jar of Coffee
    Kilner Jar of Sugar
    Kilner Jar of Tea Bags
    Long life Milk (500ml)
    Tin Foil
    Zip Lock Bags
    Kitchen Roll
    Fire Lighters
    Black Rubbish Bags
    Dish Washing Liquid
    Washing Up cloth
    Pot Scrubber Pad – nylon & metal
    Tea Towells

    Safari Drive will also do your food shopping for you on request. We will send you a guide list of what is available and you can pay for your food locally at your briefing.

  • the roof tent

    When our clients are asked about their Safari Drive experience they often comment that the roof tent was one of their most memorable parts of the trip. The roof tent provides a unique experience, allowing confident, comfortable and secure sleeping in areas of real wilderness. Providing great star gazing opportunities as well as a great place to lie and admire the view, the tents couldn’t be easier to use and can withstand the most extreme weather and rains that even Africa can throw at them.

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