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Over the years we have thoroughly researched the vehicle options for self drive safaris and its the Land Rover Defender that wins every time.

We think it is the best vehicle for the job as it is easy to drive, it has a great track record and it is probably the most capable and hardwearing 4x4 in the world.

We have a fleet of vehicles supplied by Land Rover dealerships that come with long-range fuel tanks, fridges, second spare wheels and a whole host of other extras. Our vehicles contain everything you will need for your trip.

Land Rovers for sale

From time to time we sell fully equipped Land Rovers that have come from our fleet details of the vehicles can be found by contacting us.

Tried & tested

Since the start, Safari Drive has always used Land Rovers out of preference. However, in some countries where servicing and maintaining them is very difficult we may offer an alternative vehicle. We have tried and tested all the vehicles in extreme conditions and not one of them has failed to deliver.

Here is a guide to the vehicles we run in each country

They are all allocated on a first come basis and although the equipment is almost identical across the whole range, the set-up in each case can be slightly different.


  Main vehicles Additional models used
Namibia 110 Land Rovers TDci tdi 
Botswana 110 Land Rovers TDci tdi 
Zambia 110 Land Rovers TDci tdi 
Malawi 110 Land Rovers TDci tdi  Land Cruisers
Tanzania 110 Land Rovers Tdi
Kenya 110 Land Rovers Tdi
Oman Land Cruisers G

Vehicle equipment

This is another area we have researched very carefully and through Charles broad experience of overland expeditions, we have refined the list of vehicle equipment that we provide. The equipment is not absolutely identical in every vehicle but we always ensure you have the essentials for each country and its respective driving conditions.

  • Satellite phone
  • long range fuel tanks (119 litres / approx 700 miles)
  • wheel brace
  • vehicle documents
  • vehicle handbook
  • Gamin Satnav with Tracks4Africa
  • two batteries /split charge system
  • fire extinguisher
  • Engel fridge
  • Roller draws
  • spade & axe
  • tyre pressure gauge
  • tow rope or strap
  • tyre pump
  • pair of warning triangles
  • Land Rover jack
  • vehicle awning


  • High Lift Jack (you need to know how to use this safely)

See the full list of camping equipment here. Our bases have further equipment if you have a specific request at the time of your briefing in country, naturally subject to local availability.



Safari Drive offer a wide range of destinations for your self drive safari including:


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