Zambia is a country of great integrity, it holds on to the true values of safari – Authenticity, Essence & Natural Wilderness. It may be becoming increasingly well know but it retains each of these factors with a firm grip. A Zambia safari take in the Luangwa Valley, Victoria Falls, Lower Zambezi and Northern Kafue are perhaps the most famous regions but the area’s in-between are often the most rewarding areas. These are the area’s that aren’t often seen by tourists and are the sort of areas we like our clients to explore.

It is a truly remarkable country. It’s rare to travel a country with such incredible wildlife, captivating culture, lack of tourists, and most it importantly, such friendly people. We hope Zambia never changes, it’s a breath of fresh air!

remote beauty & adventure

Over the last 21 years we have been in operation, we are delighted to say that we know all the best campsites in this beautiful country for the perfect Zambia safari. And what we have discovered is that the more remote they are, the better they are. If you like the idea of meeting friendly Zambians, visiting local villages and really sinking your teeth into some Zambian culture then these campsites could well be for you (4×4 necessary!)



Here is a list of just some of our favourite places to visit in Zambia. They are all places that we would recommend for a self drive safari. This is not a comprehensive list and if there are other places you are keen to visit and would like further information please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.







ROAD CONDITIONS Long stretches of tar. Medium – Bad roads in parks. Dusty. Avoid big trucks on main roads. 4WD necessary. 

CAMPSITES Well organised in good locations. Generally with facilities.

LODGES & HOTELS Good variety in the parks. Less options available in between.

ROUTE FINDING Not difficult but some roads/parks will require good map skills.


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