Luxury adventures

The beautiful thing about our trips is that they can be as luxurious or basic as you like. You can stay in some of the finest lodges in Africa if you like. Doing a lodge to lodge luxury self drive safari is one of the most stylish ways to travel Africa.

A lot of people fear that you miss out on guided expertise when self driving. This is not the case. By doing a luxury lodge to lodge self drive safari you get the best of both worlds, you get the adventure of self driving whilst also the guided expertise of guides at the lodges you are staying in. A wonderful combination, a luxury self drive safari is one of the best safari experiences going.

What We Look For

When researching lodges we have a checklist to ensure that the experience they offer matches your expectations. Frequently the lodges will be in spectacular locations with incredible views; thrive on excellent levels of service and guiding and go the extra mile to make sure your stay is as memorable as possible. We also favour lodges with strong philanthropic credentials.

Facilities and Activities

The majority of the lodges we use have a large range of additional facilities, some of which are staggering when you consider the remoteness of their locations. Crystal clear swimming pools, beautiful gardens, tennis courts, well-stocked boutiques and gift shops and fabulously pampering spas with numerous wonderful treatments. It’s a real delight to put up your feet at the end of a long day and to relax on your own private balcony. There are fresh flowers by your bed, newly laundered towels in your luxurious en-suite bathroom, and you know that nothing is too much trouble for the friendly and professional staff looking after you.

Why go on Safari?


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