The best safaris are often group safari trips. What’s more fun than driving in convoy – with your friends – through Africa? Traveling in groups has its advantage too. The cost economizes. You can book entire campsites, lodges or private houses for added privacy… and you’re bound to have even more fun, and that’s what it’s all about. So we encourage you, grabs some friends, or family, and come do a trip of a lifetime together!

extra perks for groups

Previous groups we have hosted have taken advantage of their numbers to split the cost and have a guide and a chef, traveling in a separate guide vehicle, to escort them on their trips. Having an experienced guide brings a lot to a trip. You not only get his reassuring knowledge that you are not on your own out there should things not go quite to plan. A few other perks are that there is a cook available to make your evenings effortless, though getting involved with the cooking is always fun!


want to join a guided group trip? Introducing the Himba trail

Every year we organize a trip called the Himba Trail, a guided group trip where we assemble a group of clients (in 3 separate vehicles) to drive through Namibia’s most remote regions, whilst accompanied by an experienced guide, in his own vehicle. Your guide will share his/her knowledge and love of the country in which you are traveling, enabling you to see areas which most travelers just don’t reach, hear stories others don’t get to hear and essentially allow you to share this wonderful experience with other like-minded people. Click here for more reason to join the Himba Trail.

Why go on Safari?


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