Landlocked between Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique, you will find one of Africa’s more discreet destinations, Malawi. Malawi safaris offer all things Africa; it has stood back whilst other safari destinations became consumed by tourism, and watch them suffer whilst it remained un-spoilt and true to itself.

With a ‘chilled’ pace of life, Malawi has earned itself the title of ‘The Warm Heart of Africa’, and quite rightly so. The place, people, history, culture and the attractions combined make Malawi one of the most welcoming places in Africa.

the perfect beach finish

Not all safari destinations have the pleasure of providing their guests with a beach finish, often travellers will have to fly elsewhere to find this. However, not in Malawi! Known as the Lake of Stars, Lake Malawi offers the idyllic end to your trip with accommodation from guesthouses to luxury lodges to private islands.

Mumbo Island is the remote ‘Robinsoe Crusoedesert island dream; a pristine and deserted tropical Island floating on the expansive waters of Lake Malawi.

Malawi video

Watch a short video from one of our favourite lodges, Pumulani. This lodge is a perfect place to finish your self drive safari. A lovely relaxing spot on Lake Malawi.


Here is a list of just some of our favourite places to visit in Malawi. They are all places that we would recommend for a self drive safari. This is not a comprehensive list and if there are other places you are keen to visit and would like further information please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.







ROAD CONDITIONSMostly tar with pot holes. Some steep hills (4×4 necessary). Busy with people.

CAMPSITES Well organised in good locations. Generally with facilities.

LODGES & HOTELSA good variety in the parks. Less options available in between parks.

ROUTE FINDING Not difficult but some roads/parks will require good map skills.



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