Namibia safaris are a perfect starting point for anyone who wants to tour independently in Africa. It has everything for a perfect self-drive holiday, from good roads to epic wildlife and landscape viewing. The destination is best travelled by vehicle, as it allows you to make your way through the regions, seeing every view as it comes. You wouldn’t get half the experience if you were to do it any other way.

Namibia has therefore embraced this and has done a huge amount to make itself home to the perfect self drive adventure, which it has achieved. The country has a fantastic road network in place, a stunning collection of lodges and campsites, and is a very safe place to travel. The people here are very friendly too. So whether it’s your first time self driving and you’re nervous, Namibia will welcome you warmly, or whether you’re an adventurer wanting to go into the unknown, Namibia will deliver.

We carefully plan your itinerary to avoid covering huge distances which are very tiring on a self drive in Namibia and we always make sure that we create very manageable itineraries, allowing plenty of time for rest and relaxation in each place before your exciting journey continues.

Our Namibia Office

Namibia is one of our longest-standing destinations and we have our own Windhoek office and team of three there, led by a very experienced guide Jens Denk. Having them there means that Safari Drive clients get the best possible local briefing, service and back up (24 hours a day) before heading into the bush in our 4×4’s.


Here is a list of just some of our favourite places to visit in Namibia. They are all places that we would recommend for a self drive safari. This is not a comprehensive list and if there are other places you are keen to visit and would like further information please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.







ROAD CONDITIONS Good tarmac, well graded gravel tracks and sand tracks in areas.
Very fun driving.

CAMPSITES Some of the best in the world. Great variety, locations and
well looked after. Facilities at most.

LODGES & HOTELS A wonderful selection, from exclusive tented camps to 5* Lodges.

ROUTE FINDING Very straight forward. Especially with our Sat Nav. Plus well signposted.

WEATHER Generally very good. Namibia is known as an all year destination.


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